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Our Story

Inhabited by Western novelist Vingie Rose in the 1920s, this historic property in southeast Napa was coined the “Lost Valley Ranch,” its location in a narrow piece of land nestled between canyons causing 20th century travelers to get lost, wandering in the valley.

The first vineyards (and olive trees) were planted in 2009. Cordero is Spanish for Lamb, the family that established and manage the vineyards. With elevations of 500’ to over 800’, the land is perfectly suited to grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot to Sauvignon Blanc, vines that thrive in the Napa Valley climate. For over 15 years, the family has worked to build the vineyard and its surrounding land into the property you see today. The Cabernet grapes are sold to Caymus, an iconic Napa winery owned by the Wagner Family.

In 2023, Lost Valley Ranch Wines was founded to showcase the estate grown fruit

on a small scale. Lost Valley Ranch Wines is a Verified Napa Valley Micro-Producer as part of Save the Family Farms.


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